Waiting For A Storm

Photo by Rose Lovegrove

“A mixture of Salvador Dali, Chekhov, and a children’s show”

Waiting for a paddling pool to fill can be a lengthy process when you’re solely relying on the weather to do it for you.

Take a comedy double act, add a live violin accompaniment then put them in three inches of cold water and you’ll have a show of daredevil stunts and gentle humour appreciated by both young and old.

This year is Circus’ 250th anniversary so expect doubles acrobatics and escapology as well as games, jokes and arguments as they try to fill the time (and their pool) by any means possible.

Our characters are inspired by performers including Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and writers such as Samuel Beckett.
It is perfectly suited to festivals and street events and appeals to both young and old.

Technical Requirements:
– access to mains electricity
– show fee plus subsistence, travel and accommodation if required
– performance area of 8 x 7 metres
– running length approximately 35-40 minutes