About Us

Disparu Theatre, was founded in 2015 by Kesha Pullum.
We started off as an acrobatic duo performing as waiters and mimes in the markets and festivals of Cornwall.  Now we are based in Bristol with a highly talented team of acrobats, jugglers and musicians to run around with.

We believe that theatre and circus should be accessible to everyone. Performing for people who wouldn’t generally go to the theatre, catching ten minutes of someones attention as they walk home from work and impressing people with feats of strength and skill is where our passion for street theatre comes from.


Kesha Pullum 

Alongside managing and performing with Disparu, Kesha’s been working with Bash Street Theatre since 2015. Performing in countries including Turkey, Poland and Bulgaria, as a stilt walker and a clown in the remake of their award winning show Cliffhanger as well as standing in for their lead in Bellevue Hotel 2018.


Willum Tiley

Willum is a qualified blacksmith with a background in contemporary dance and ballet. Coming from a family of circus performers he has performed With Bashstreet Theatre Co and Airfish Aerial, and now also trains full time at Circomedia.


Sorcha Keay-Chaplin
/Spinner/Fire Performer/Acrobat

Sorcha has performed at multiple UK festivals, touring her fire & LED acts with the Illoomiloonies, a story telling fire crew. But playing with fire isn’t her only passion! Now also studying full time at Circomedia, Sorcha is pursuing an acrobatic and juggling future.


Bethlyn Wickens

After dancing for 7 years in Cumbria and across the north west, Bethlyn has expanded her skillset to include a variety of circus skills. Now training at Circomedia she specialises in aerial silks, trapeze and partner acrobatics.


Beannie Wells

Beannie is an artist from Devon, after six years of martial arts and working for Ethereal as a character based walkabout performer she’s found herself training at Circomedia. Beannie specialises in manipulation and acrobatics and her ability to play makes her engaging to watch and work with.


Finn Burnett-Pope

Finn is a violinist taught by Paul Balmer, he’s taken his skills to Peru where he toured schools to play. He is also a circus performer who specialises in Tightwire walking which he’s trained at the National Centre for Circus Arts.